on-Camera: Packages/Specials
“Alternative Ways of Getting to Work.”
With gas prices on the rise, we take a look at other ways of getting to and from work... and at that cost!
“A New England Tsunami.”
A rogue wave comes from nowhere, damaging the harbor in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  A unique blend of extreme weather events may have caused the wave.
“Remembering the Worcester Six.”
On the 11th anniversary of the Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse Fire, we get a unique glimpse of every memento and token of remembrance sent to the Worcester FD, which unceremoniously lies in a storage room due to lack of funding for a proper location to display it.  It has become known simply as “The Stuff.”
“Hybrid Limousines.”
You might be surprised at what the heir apparent to the stretched Lincoln Town Car could be!